20 Canada Wonderland rides that you can do in One day - 2019

Here a list of 20 Canada Wonderland Rides that I did in One day including the scary Leviathan, The Drop Tower, The Sling Shot, The Yukon striker and the best water-park rides including The Super soaker. You can read my experience and decide which rides you will like to enjoy.

When walking to the entrance from the parking of Wonderland you can hear the screams of roller-coaster riders above you. And, the excitement begins, it is the Leviathan called the scariest ride in wonderland.

The Leviathan

I was so excited that I told my friends to do this on the first. After a long wait of 35 minutes (which is much less than usual) we finally got seated on Leviathan (somewhere in the middle), it is my first roller-coaster ride in my 20 years of life and I am not aware of the fear of height and speed until now. So, it was started to move and go up, I was still calm and comfortable talking with my friends than suddenly it starts going down when I looked down it is frightening enough to race my heart and make me scream AAAAAAAAAA…… After, going all over the place, Up and down we returned back to start line trying to gain back senses, and I was feeling something in my stomach it was like somebody is boiling water inside it, my legs were shaking a bit, head was little dizzy, but,  I have the smile of satisfaction on my face. Sometime after, I said to my friends it was fun, and they were like, Yes! We are done with Leviathan fun for our entire life.

The Drop tower

After leviathan, we were talking and I saw drop tower and said, “look over there is a small line, let’s go there”. My friends said we are sporting you from here, Go ahead! My head was still recovering from Leviathan still I joined the queue and after 5 min my turn comes up. I was seated with another group of 4 people, as my friends chicken out. After checking safety belts, they started sending us up in the sky, that was not too bad, the view was nice up there, then I started feeling like I am falling. My heart was pumped up and I was screaming all the time while falling. It was great but the only bad thing is, it's over in no time. But it brings you the same feeling in your stomach.

The Bat

Walking back from all these, we sit in front of Shockwave, and I saw The Bat over there, the line was very long and my friends were resting, but there were single riders’ queue people in this line were assigned the leftover seats on the ride. Still, I have to stand 15 min in the queue, ahh... so boring. But finally, they found a left-over seat for me with a family of mom and two kids then they changed some seats as one kid got scared and don’t want to ride. They called one more person from the single queue and he sits with me. The fun part of this ride is it takes you forward like other roller-coasters and then brings you backward along with circular loops that make you upside down on the ride.

The Waterpark

It’s 12 o’clock and getting hot here so my friends and I decided to go to the water park (the water rides). We take one medium locker for $25 enough for two bags. We put our stuff inside, even phones and wallets, and ready to go all out. The lockers in the wonderland have 3 hours’ time limit except for the lockers in the Waterpark where you pay only once for the entire usage time. The first ride, one near the entrance and first in the site was The Whirlwinds

The Whirlwinds

The line was not too long, so we got our tube from the bottom of the ride in 5 mins. And then we go up near the launching station. In a few minutes, we were ready to enter the slide, the wonderland team makes us sit in the tube then give us a push for going down. It was not that exciting ride as the roller-coaster but it makes us wet and is fun to do. We come down the slide on the tube and end up in a small pool, then we give our tube to other people waiting in the queue.

The Riptide Racer

Then moving next by following your eyes, you can see the riptide racer in blue slides. Same as the whirlwinds, you join a queue for taking blue pad or something to ride on, then you go upstairs to the ride. They give you instructions and shout 3, 2, 1 and GO for everyone. You ride and reach the bottom where you give your pad to other people in the queue.

The pumphouse

Mostly for kids to play around but when the big bucket on the top of it, turns and through water on you. You wait for it like a kid. Good for a little break and getting wet. There are umbrellas and chairs for you around the Wave pool.

The Whitewater Bay or the Wave Pool

Believe it or not, it was my first time in a Pool and first try to swim. The pool was 6 feet deep at maximum and creates artificial waves after some time. It was nice and relaxing in the sun. There were lifeguards for your safety. I went too deep alone leaving my friends and as a new swimmer I was about to sink, but my friends saved me. It was fun though. After that, we get out of it to wear Life jackets that helped to float and we take a nap floating on water, although the water was going in ears and nose and that was really annoying. There are a lot of people enjoying the pool and we spend almost 45 minutes inside it.

After that we were hungry and there was Pizza Pizza right in front of it, they sell only pepperoni and cheese pizza so we decided to go to Subway. There were umbrellas and in front of Pizza Pizza and tables for comfortable eating.

Now we are done eating and feeling really sleepy so we rested a little after finishing the food. After 15 min we get up again went to washrooms near lockers, checked our phone notifications and come back to the wave pool.

The blackhole

The black hole has a small queue so we all joined in and went up for the ride. It is a black tube slide. It's really dark inside the slide and you can’t see when and which side it will turn. It was a small ride just to get started after a break.

Then One of my friends joined the line for the Super Soaker. It was very long so I and my other friend decided to go and check other slides and come back here later.

We checked Muskoka Plunge, the slide where you don’t need any tube. They will put your body in a pipe and let you slide. Unfortunately, I had zippers on my shorts so I was not allowed to go for it.

The Typhoon

The typhoon is a big round rainbow-colored pipe with two bubbles in it, when slide in and reach a bubble, it will make your tube turn around your face and legs change sides.

Until now the water park is not really exciting as the slides finished fast and have long waiting lines.

The Super soaker

The slide with the longest queue that goes up to 3 levels of stairs. I and my friend joined in and my friend who was in already in the queue reached level 3 at the time. So, in the long waiting line, we slowly started moving up and checked the babes in bikinis above us and below us. When we reached level 3 we saw our friend was waiting for us. He didn’t take the slide as it was a group slide you need to be minimum two and maximum 4 to take this slide, so he waited for us to join with him. Then finally we 3 reached the top and the slide operators make us sit in a big blue tube and pushed us in the pipe. It was the biggest slide in the waterpark and the only slide that make our full body soak in the water that’s why they call it super soaker. In the end, it was worth all that wait.

The Lazy River

The lazy river is good to relax while laying back on the Tube. I and my friends are making each other flip in the water, fighting by pushing each other in the water. It was all fun.

After this, we went to the changing room near our lockers and changed our wet clothes to go for coaters again.

The Sling Shot

For the slingshot, you have to buy a different ticket for CDN$25(may be changed in future). In this ride, you with one more person will be thrown in the sky. By looking at it, it was really scary, especially when you see there are only two seats. Most of the people are just to encourage the riders and make their videos same like what my friends are doing but I already have a ticket in my hand. I went in but there was nobody as my partner. I was like, “Shit! Are you guys gonna throw me up alone?”. But fortunately, they to balance the wait there need to be two persons on the ride, So one of the operators joined me. She was saying to his co-worker that next time you will go. But then it swings a little and finally, they leave you in the sky. Only ahhhhh. Is left. It is really not that scary when you go up, but then you flip in the sky and instead of sky you see the land. It was scary as shit, I flipped like 3 times (I don’t remember exactly). But after the first flip, I started feeling little easy and enjoying the view. It was really nice up there when you get relaxed and starting to enjoy. Then I came back saying Thankyou to the person sitting next to me. And shared my experience with my friends.

The Mighty Canadian Minebuster

This roller coaster is for people who can’t ride the scary ones. It is nice and gives you a long ride. It's just old and uncomfortable to sit. And the creek sound it makes while moving to make you feel like it will fall down and break.

Overall, short lines and quick fun on this ride.

The Ultimate Thrills Circus

After taking the ride on coaster we were just wondering around and we found there will be a circus in 5 minutes. We sat among the audience, waiting for it.

I never watched a circus before, so I was thinking it will be boring but when it started, I was not able to move my eyes. There were all kinds of crazy things and people doing comedy, dancing on one-tire bikes, a man coming out of canon ball and much more as you can see in this video.

The Thunder Run

It is a roller coaster ride inside the artificial mountain. It takes you inside the mountain two times and inside there were lights flashing in the dark that feel like lightning. Not really fun for me, but I think its good for Kids.

The Klockwerks

This one is right in front of Thunder Run. It seems like a very childish ride, but when you try it, it's really fun. It lasts long and gives you a feeling of the fly. I do not really like the rides that go in circles as it makes me vomit. But I am quite ok after this one.

The Vortex

This one also has a short queue so I and one of my friends decide to go in. It is scary but there is enough space for your feet and your body that makes you feel safe and you lose the most fun feel of falling down.

The Shock Wave

This one makes you go in circles and upside down and round and round. You will get what I am saying after seeing the video.

The Yukon Striker

When you look at this one and hear the screams, it really makes you excited. But after the long day I was tired and my friends were all scared and out of energy, so I decided to take the quick single person queue, I got my turn in around 15 minutes, although the general queue was long enough to make you stand for more than 50 min and it was like this the entire day. This ride is best to enjoy the view around you especially at night when Wonderland is all light up. It also goes down underground in the dark and comes up again. With two high to low bends during your ride, it makes your heart really pumped. I was so out of energy that I went to this ride like a zombie, I was not even able to scream, so I totally ruined it.

But for next time it will be my first ride and I will enjoy it sitting on the front seat.

After all this, we all booked a cab to home. I was so tired that I have pains in my legs. My friends were good because they rested well before going. I was working one day before going. But it gives a relaxing sleep at night.

So that’s all the rides that I did in One day in Canada’s Wonderland. There are still many rides left that I will enjoy the next time.

If you want to share your wonderland experiences and have any questions. Don’t forget to leave comments.

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