My One drive 2050 vision - Microsoft’s One gift dedicated to photographers

An idea on How Onedrive can truly be One with Photographers needs of storage and Quick editing options. Providing hassle free photo transfer without removing memory cards each time and extra space without deleting photos to free up memory.

One drive a cloud storage by Microsoft is bringing OneDrive memory slots compatible with cameras using Microsoft PhotosOS. What makes it so special is its power to take unlimited shots without changing memory slot or without deleting any photo.

How does it work?

  • Your all photos will be added to your cloud storage as soon as you click it.
  • The latest 25 photos will remain on the slot and the others will be automatically deleted from physical memory.
  • The latest number can be set according to your need. Its main purpose is to allow you to edit a clicked shot on your camera.
  • All your Shots will be categorized as Camera name in photos folder
  • Pictures >> Canon (for Cannon 5os 1243) >> Afternoon of 25 June (Folders by date name and time of clicking). You can also see them in photos folder of Onedrive, for more comfortable view categorized by tags.

What are the benefits?

Photographers don’t need to remove Memory cards each time to transfer their photos to computer. As Photos will be automatically synced with Onedrive. Even when the user is offline the transfer can be done wirelessly from Camera to Photos app or Onedrive app on your Windows devices.

The easy and organized process will give you chance to focus on photography and photography only. Saving your time and efforts by cutting useless process of transferring photos.

Additional Information

PhotosOS can connect your camera to wi-fi for Indoor shoots and it can also be connected with mobile hotspot for outdoor photo shoots.

The Videos can also be synced regardless of their formats.

PhotosOS powerful editing features enables you to edit and beautify your photos in the camera.

This post is my idea about adding a new product to my favorite Microsoft family. If you have other features related to my idea about Onedrive. Don’t forget to mention them in them in the comments.

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