One Plus 6t phone screen on windows 10 Using Your phone app without the low energy peripheral mode

Using One plus 6t from your phone app screen preview option on Surface laptop 2 without the low energy peripheral mode. The video shows first experience of android screen on the Windows 10.

Now you can access your phone screen on your windows devices without worrying about the low energy peripheral mode. Many people were previously complained about this as even the surface laptops from Microsoft don’t support this mode. But from today you can use your phone screens from your laptop without this. I am not sure if this is available on all the laptop brands and on all the android brands but I used One plus 6t and Surface laptop 2 and it worked pretty smoothly.

Results from test


You can scroll on your phone using two fingers on your touch pad, but it will take some time before you feel comfortable with it. Scrolling with touch is not available right now, I tried it but it doesn’t work.

Battery Saving Mode

If your laptop is on battery saving mode the phone app will show you a message that you need to plug-in or charge your device to sync the screens.


Now you can Simply pair your devices with Bluetooth and don’t need to worry about low energy peripheral mode or whatever. There are many people on the Microsoft’s feedback app complaining about this mode and make the screen preview work without this and finally Microsoft’s worked on it.


When making clicks on the laptop you can see a little mouse on your android device making a click. Most of the time it worked perfectly but at on place it doesn’t work (see video on the orange button in the setting).

Phone gestures

On my one plus 6t my recent apps appeared with a swipe up from the center bottom of the screen and surprisingly that gesture worked from my laptop.

Screen Preview Quality

Sometimes while scrolling or when the screen changes on my android the preview on my pc get a little blurry and pixelated. When I connected my phone for the first time, it looked very worse. But after the third time it starting to look pretty ok.

Phone unlocking

I tried unlocking my phone from the laptop, as touch doesn’t work. It become hard to unlock a pattern lock but still I managed to open it.

Phone Screen

As your phone is connected with the pc, it never sleeps that will make your battery really fast. Also, that mean your phone will stay unlocked although that might not be a problem as it works using Bluetooth and you can’t keep your phone away from you.

Share your experience of screen preview in the comments. Let us know if it was as you expected or not?

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