Microsoft Snip and Sketch, Taking Snips was never so Easy

If you are used to the old sniping tool on windows 10. There is a good news for you as Microsoft Snip and Sketch makes your job lot easier with all same features and new UI

If you are a Windows 10 user and used Snipping tool for taking snips or Screen shorts, it’s time to upgrade your experience with new and improved Snip and Sketch. Even though the app was initially criticized for not working reliably or not having all the features that snipping tool offers. Now it has all the features of sniping tool as well as some shortcuts to make your Snipping experience easy and fast.

A great Shortcut

Windows + Shift + S will open the Snip tool bar on the top of your screen with four Snipping options.

  1. First is Rectangle Snip where you can draw a rectangle to Snip.
  2. Second is free form snip.
  3. Third is window snip where you choose a window of app and only that part will be captured.
  4. Fourth is Full Screen Snip like a Screen short of your Screen.

If the shortcut is too hard for you. You can change shortcut to only Print Screen (PrtScn) button. Just open Snip and Sketch app > Go to Settings > And Click on blue link for using Print Screen shortcut. After this you will be directed to Setting Page from when you can enable the short cut.

Saving a Snip

  1. Press PrtScn
  2. Then choose snip mode and snip it.
  3. Click on the Snip notification.
  4. Then your Snip will be opened in Snip and Sketch from Where you can edit it, save it or Share it.

Old Sniping Tool

Even if we have new snipping tool that doesn’t make old snipping tool useless. If you want to take a snip on your organization Pc where the Windows versions were stuck and never updated by your organization. You might not be able to enjoy new Snip and Sketch and you must use old sniping tool for the time your organization decided not to update windows.

Another way to Screen Short

Windows game bar is another way you can take screen short, but it allowed only full screen shorts. Press Windows + G and the gave bar will open. From the options press on Camera option that will take screen shorts. These will be auto saved to your Videos > Captures folder. You can also set a shortcut for taking screen shortcuts from the settings. But remember when you take screen short you will always receive a notification saying screen short saved if you didn’t receive notification that mean game bar doesn’t recognize your app as a game and there is no screen short taken.

That’s all for today. If you use any other technique for taking screen shorts don’t forget to mention it in the comments.

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