After Watching all the Romantic comedy Anime Whats next?

A list of Korean dramas for starters. Including few of the most popular and best titles. If you an anime lover you might find these good options for you to start watching Korean dramas.

If you think that you finished watching all the Rom-com anime and planning to leave this life, Wait!!! a little more. The day I started watching anime is my day of enlightenment as it brings so many things to my life including Naruto, Mob Pshyco, Saitama (one punch man), Luffy (one piece) and the list goes on. But after sometime when I feel remaining anime is not according to my taste or I am waiting for next seasons for some of them. I start looking for more anime’s, tried watching movies and reading manga. I found that I am not a manga reader (although I tried my best to read the manga for one piece) and not any of this worked for me.

Then after that, there is one another day of enlightenment when I found something new. This is not as exciting as anime in the starting, but it proved as a worthy alternative to anime. This is the Korean dramas. Not every drama is up to anime level some lack stories and some acting. As I explored more of this realm, I found some great options for anime watchers.

A Korean odyssey

First of them is A Korean odyssey, it has a variety to offer like gods, magic, fantasy, zombies, devils, romance, suspense and a hero who don't give a damn to the world, not afraid to fight even gods, mischievous to its rivals. If you like overpowered heroes like in One Punch Man or Mob Pshyco and romantic fights like Chitoge and Raku in Nisekoi or Twin Star exorcists who start with a fight and end up loving each other, this is for you. It has many interesting characters going around with interesting story plot, but I just don't like the end although that points to the next season which is nowhere officially. Still, it is worth watching.

Love from another star

Secondly, Love from another star, A story of a famous actress who started living with an Alien neighbor. One day she got drunk and entered the neighbor house, From here on their love story starting with cute fights begins. This Kdama is filled with suspense, crime story and exciting life of a famous but clumsy actress who made the alien fall for her so bad that he decided to stay on earth for his remaining life. The alien who has the power to stop the time but he got sick after one kiss from the actress.

My Sassy Girl

Third, In the list is My Sassy Girl, A story of a princess who doesn't give a damn about the world and its old thinkings about girls. This drama is full of Royals, lovely cute moments, a conspiracy against the king by the ministers and the plan to take over the kingdom which is destroyed by the daring princess and a noble scholar who fell in love with the princess. Princess has to face her stepmother who is always trying to make the princess look bad in front of the king, a minister who is trying to remove the king and a prince from another land who wants to marry the princess. All this mixup and family drama with great acting and presentation of old times through the sets and costumes really makes a drama worth watching.

Please Come Back, Mister

Fourth one is Please Come Back, Mister, a story of two lovers who died in an accident and went to heaven where they become close friends and planned to go back on earth. The plan went successful and they were sent back to Earth in new bodies. And one of them is trapped in the body of a girl. Now they have to take care of their families who were left behind them. But the problem is their families don't recognize them and they are not allowed to tell them the truth. So they both tried to solve the mysteries of their death and trying hard to get closer to their families as new members.

The Legend of the Blue Sea

Fifth and the last one is The Legend of the Blue Sea, In this drama a mermaid leaves his home in search of love. but the man she fell for is bluffer who cheat people for money. the story is really creative and represent the two stories moving forward together. The past life of mermaid's unfulfilled love give the clue to accomplish the love in present life. As always this drama is full of cute moments and fights between two lovers. But the drama is spiced up with the criminal activities of male character who cheat the black money from rich people. Really enjoyable fun filled drama.

If You have any other idaes about Korean dramas for starters let me know in the comments

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