About me

Hi! I am Amrit Crome.

I am into many things and blogging is one of them. As you can guess from my posts that I am a Microsoft fan and love to share my vision about the future of different Microsoft products.

I am pretty bored of my life as right now it's my struggling period but still, I am trying hard to achieve my dreams. I want to join a film school and learn Film direction. I am from India and proud to be an Indian. My dream is to open a college in India with more practical study and teach students How to be self-employed. This will be my little step to fight the problem of Unemployment in my country.

I like to paint sometimes with the watercolors, sketch some portraits, click some nice pictures mostly of Nature.

I know CSS and love to design websites with it. My love for this language can be seen through my own CSS library namely - Particle.css.

Also, I am always ready for Adventure Sports.

A little time ago I found that I like teling stories and creating them. So, currently I am writing my mind onto words. I will be very happy on the day when I finished my first complete story

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